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Updated: Oct 29, 2020

OUR FIRST PICTURE Life works in mysterious ways and sometimes it will slap you on the face with a loving hand, it is up to us to embrace the uncertainty. This is the way I can put it into words. Justin and I met on the same beach I learned how to swim. Cozumel has given me so much, I grew up with a thankful heart just for the fact that I was born in this beautiful piece of heaven. It is that important to me. Justin and I snorkeled for hours on that same beach; and I showed him around the spots I've seen change along the years. He fell in love, with the water clarity and the colorful reefs that are part of my morning views. We walked back along the same streets I have walked for years, and my life seemed to pass in front of me. I felt it immediately. He was the one. Fortunately, he felt it too. I am sure Cozumel helped out, but I was so thrilled to have met him and that he was in such awe to explore my home with me. Not long after that he moved to Cozumel, we got married after a couple of months and even everything was happening so fast it felt right.

Now, we have two beautiful island girls Isla and Sandy (5 and 1 year old). Our life could not be more perfect. Living the island life and teaching our kids to be agents of change, The Lighthouse Projects is not only a business but a lifestyle for us. We are working hard for making this happen. Tourism in Cozumel needs to be more responsible and aware of their impact around us. As the island depends on tourism it is time for the big tour companies to realize they have the power in their hands. Please support responsible practices while you travel. If you are ever in Cozumel, please let us show us around the most remote part of the island and discover the beauty of the unknown.

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