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The Lighthouse Project Cozumel is a local association that aims to create awareness about the plastics that have washed ashore on our island while creating a new way of environmental education through turistic experiences. These experiences will allow you to explore non-touristic areas with specialists and volunteers that are working hard to preserve the natural reserve. 
Sustainable Tourism is the answer to many of our problems so while in Cozumel please make sure you contact us for an unforgettable time for your whole family.


'Every day  approximately 8 million pieces of plastic pollution  find their way into the oceans.'


Della Schmidt

This was with out a doubt the highlight of our vacation this week!! We had a blast, learned a lot and now have a new view on plastic waste. Guides were so pleasant, it felt like we had been friends for years rather than just hanging out with strangers! We saw wildlife and beautiful views and so much more! Worth every penny!! (By the way, wear enclosed shoes not flip flops, or bring both so you can enjoy all the various terrains without hesitation. Also, this is serious off-roading. Very safe, but maybe not advised if you have a bad back. It is a bit bumpy)


Erika Keller

This was by far the coolest thing we have done while visiting Cozumel! Justin and his team were awesome. The vehicles were super fun and the drive was both scenic and adventurous. Cool Mayan ruins and a fantastic lunch at the lighthouse were a great start to the day. We were happy to see the turtle nesting beaches and to help get rid of some of the plastic that had washed up from the sea. Altogether a fabulous day, and we plan to go back and do it again next time we visit.


Megan M.

Highlight of our Honeymoon!

The Lighthouse Tour was the highlight of our honeymoon! Justin was a great tour guide and we had a complete blast. The 4-wheelers are in amazing shape, they haul ass but we felt extremely safe in them as well. You cannot beat the scenery - jungle, beaches, light houses, Mayan Ruins, wildlife and much more! It was also great to learn about the Cozumel community and do the beach clean up. This tour will bring us back to Cozumel! Thanks for such an amazing experience!

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